Green & Frugal: Your Source for Low Waste Sustainable Body Care Products

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“The way to save the most is using our do-it-yourself section, where you can pick up all the ingredients to make our products at home.”

Implementing lifestyle changes with an eye for sustainability is easy at Green & Frugal, makers of green, low waste body care products. With a quaint shop located in Downtown Whitby, Green & Frugal features vegan, synthetic-free and cruelty-free products which are handcrafted, plastic-free, refillable and are created with low waste production methods.

Founded by owner Tara Holguin, Green & Frugal quickly grew from its origins as a side hustle to a bustling business with three locations, thanks in part to Tara’s focus on creating affordable green body care that doesn’t compromise on quality. Products include a full lineup of body care and cleaning products, from moisturizing soap bars to deodorants to dish soap blocks. Green & Frugal’s products are in high demand, with every product carefully researched and crafted with purely natural ingredients that are of top quality and sustainably grown. In addition, to make products even more sustainable, their packaging is plastic-free and reusable. To incorporate further zero-waste initiatives, you can bring your own container to fill with the products they make, or you can bring home the ingredients in your containers to make body care or cleaning products yourself. They also feature a selection of reusable supplies to assist you with sustainable living, such as produce bags, beeswax wraps and stainless-steel straws.

Green and Frudal owner standing beside shelves full of products.

Adopting sustainable choices can be intimidating for some, but the friendly staff at Green & Frugal are eager to help. “Often when people are exploring natural products or reducing waste, it can be overwhelming. When I transitioned to buying only natural or organic products, I had a difficult time finding natural skin care that was free of preservatives and emulsifiers. Since I couldn’t find any natural companies that were affordable, I decided to start making my own products,” says owner Tara.

When friends and family tried Tara’s products, the demand grew too large for a side hustle and Tara launched her first storefront location in Southwest Toronto. Now with three locations, including the one in Downtown Whitby, Green & Frugal offers an accessible way for people to learn about and explore switching to more natural and low waste products. The helpful staff at Green & Frugal are happy to walk customers through their various products; advising how to use them or how to take the ingredients home to make their own products. Not only do they have mini gift sets and do-it-yourself kits, but they also offer workshops on how to make products such as dry shampoo, and face and body oil.

“The goal of Green & Frugal is to make green living more affordable. We can do that because we offer direct pricing. We handcraft all our body care products ourselves, and because we don’t use synthetic preservatives and emulsifiers, most of our products are very concentrated which means a little goes a long way,” says Tara. “The way to save the most is using our do-it-yourself section, where you can pick up all the ingredients to make our products at home.”

Stop by Green & Frugal in Downtown Whitby to try out their natural vegan products for yourself. If you want to give a product a try, they have a per gram service. You can bring your own container, or buy one in store, and purchase just a small amount of product to try at home. And when you love it, you can go back for more.

When Tara was expanding her business, there was a common theme she heard from her customers. “When I was looking at a second location, I had customers telling me I had to go to the four corners in Whitby. And as soon as I visited and started walking around, I got that small town vibe that really resonated with me,” says Tara. Setting up a storefront just north of the four corners, Tara immediately felt at home. “The customers are very friendly and excited to have an eco conscious shop. The community experience here is that everyone wants to support local. And there’s lots of support from other local businesses, too. We have been working with a nearby restaurant that is becoming more eco-friendly, and together, we’ve formulated cleaning products that meet their needs. And when customers come into our store, or other downtown stores, we often refer them to local complimentary businesses. In Downtown Whitby there is a sense of community where everyone wants to support each other.”

Follow @greenandfrugal on social media for zero waste tips, DIY tutorials and information on all their amazing, sustainable products. And while exploring the Downtowns of Durham, check out our list of restaurants that feature plant-based, vegan and allergen-free foods: Nine Places for Healthy Eats in Durham’s Downtowns.