Brew Wizards Board Game Cafe

74 Celina St
Oshawa ON, L1N 4N2


Business Description

n the year of 2014, two young men set out on a quest for wisdom, and power. Fuelled by coffee fit for a wizard, they would face trials that could define their place in the cosmos. For a year, they burnished the land for suitable lodgings to deconstruct the mysteries of the universe, and craft their abilities to exploit forces of nature. With the vast accumulation of knowledge; Hops, malts, wheat, beans, puzzles, dungeons and large wyrms, they would be wizards.

On their journey to power, they befriended a young druid who was as stoic as he was fierce. Together the three young heroes stormed the Fortress of the Wardens, escaped the neuromancer cult and their labyrinthian riddle-prisons, and even crossed staves with the nefarious L’orn. Eventually they came to a wasted land on the edge of civilization. It was here that our heroes decided to build their castle.

The work was tedious and the obstacles were many. Just when things were starting to look grim for the lads, they were joined in their quest by a humble warrior monk. With his diverse skills and knowledge, the party had become truly formidable. To this day, there has not been a single obstacle that they could not overcome.

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