Dr. Hadden & Associates Doctors of Optometry

596 Kingston Rd. W.
Pickering Village ON, L1S 6A6


Business Description

Dr. Hadden is committed to the highest ethical standards, advanced instrumentation and the enjoyment of nurturing a long–term relationship with each of his patients and their families. In continuing his commitment to provide quality eye care and treatment, Dr. Hadden has four outstanding Associates who have enhanced the Practice. Dr. Hadden states, “These fine optometrist’s bring a dimension to my practice that is both impressive and appreciated and I could not work with more qualified and caring professionals”
Most people believe that their most valued sense is their eyesight because from the moment you wake up to when you go to sleep your eyes are working. Therefore, vision is crucial to our day-to-day living and should never be taken for granted. You must make sure that you look after your eyesight so that you will enjoy your vision for the rest of your life.

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