My Roti Place / My Dosa Place

77 King Street East
Oshawa, ON


Business Description

Dosa is a quintessential staple from southern India. It’s a thin lentil and rice flour crepe cooked to a golden perfection. It can be enjoyed as a crepe by itself along with chutneys (usually a coconut chutney and a tomato chutney) or it can be filled with savory potatoes.

There are multiple variations of a Dosa, sometimes mixed with coarse spices called “Podi Dosa” or coated with a spicy paste inside called “Mysore Dosa”.

While the highlight at My Dosa Place is Dosa itself, there are some unique touches to the menu. The Dosa offerings allow flexibility to customize it to a guest's liking by choosing from vegan, vegetarian or non-vegetarian offerings. Plus, the warm, comforting and hearty sambhar lentil stew and chutneys are sure to make a mark on the palette. Besides Dosa, there are other staples such as Idli rice lentil cakes, Idiyappam rice noodles, Uttapam savory pancakes, and Vada: a savory doughnut!

We have taken our Dosa game very seriously at My Dosa Place and the inherently gluten-free crepe gets fished out by none other than the media-acclaimed chef Karthik Kumar aka KK! So, come by, try it and we are sure you will love it! While here, say hello to KK! Claim our Dosa place as your own!

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