Word Of Mouth Dental Hygiene

88 Centre St
Oshawa ON, L1G 4B6


Business Description

* 25 years of clinical dental hygiene treatment in a variety of general and specialist dental settings
* 10 years treating advanced periodontal (gum) conditions under specialist supervision
* Treatment of children, elderly, and persons with special needs
* Treatment of those with various social and dental fears
* Treatment of diverse ethnicities and with English language barriers in Canadian culture
* Assisting in basic dental treatment through to advanced oral surgeries
* Scaling, root planning, and polishing teeth
* Teeth whitening services
* Screening for cavities and other oral health problems
* Oral cancer screening
* Nutrition counselling for oral health
* Interim Stabilization Therapy (placement of temporary sedative fillings)
* Devoted professionally to delivering quality dental hygiene services

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