Instagrammable Cafés And Coffees Near Toronto

Simple icon of two tall buildings. Downtowns of Durham

Looking to take a moment to yourself in a cosy café? We’ve got you covered with this list of totally Insta-worthy coffees, lattes and cafés in Durham Region’s downtowns.

Whether you’re catching up with a friend, warming yourself up during a day of shopping, or want to find the perfect little coffee shop for a moment alone, there are plenty of amazing options to choose from just east of Toronto. If cocktails are more your speed, check out our blog to find Insta-worthy Cocktails In Durham Region.

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Shortiss Café and Bar – Beaverton

Overhead shot of a pink, blue, yellow, and white latte at the Shortiss Cafe.
Beetroot, Blue Moon, Açai Burst, and Golden Milk Lattes
Photo provided by: Shortiss Café and Bar, Beaverton

Looking for a delicious new drink to try? Stop by the Shortis|s Café and Bar and try their healthy latte collection, like these colourful lattes.


Bean & Basket – Pickering Village

Close up of a Chai Chaga Tea in a mug at Bean and Basket.
Chai Chaga Tea | Photo provided by: Bean & Basket, Pickering Village

Are you looking for a unique drink with added health benefits? Swing by the Bean & Basket in Pickering Village to try their new Chai Chaga Tea. This adaptogenic tea is anti-inflammatory, high in antioxidants, and can be effective in settling your stomach.

Nexus Coffee – Port Perry

Close up of a Vanilla Blue Latte with a design on top at Nexus Coffee.
Vanilla Blue Latte | Nexus Coffee Company, Port Perry

For a delicious treat, stop by Nexus Coffee Company in Port Perry to try their Vanilla Blue Latte. It’s as yummy as it looks.


The Bridge Social – Uxbridge

Take out coffee cup on a table at The Bridge Social.
Maple Latte | The Bridge Social, Uxbridge

Meet a friend for coffee in a quaint and cosy setting at The Bridge Social in Uxbridge. While there, try their Maple Latte, made with local maple syrup, organic espresso and your choice of milk.


River Street Café – Sunderland

Close up of cappuccino overflowing with whipped cream at River Street Cafe.
Cappuccino with whipped cream | River Street Cafe, Sunderland

If you’re looking for delicious fresh baked goods to pair with your brew, explore downtown Sunderland and stop by the River Street Café. Housed in a historic building, this beautiful café serves everything from homemade soup to salads, sandwiches and of course, coffee.


Social Grounds – Cannington

Close up of a Caramel Macchiato in a glass mug at the Social Grounds.
Caramel Macchiato | The Social Grounds, Cannington

Enjoy freshly baked goods, and even shopping, at The Social Grounds in Cannington. It’s the perfect spot for breakfast with friends. When there, don’t forget to try their Caramel Macchiato.


Brock St. Espresso – Whitby

Close up of a pink design on an Orange Blossom Beetroot Latte at Brock St. Espresso.
Orange Blossom Beetroot Latte | Photo provided by: Brock St. Espresso, Whitby

Brock St. Espresso features lots of lovely seasonal drinks in so many different colours. Drool over this spring Orange Blossom Beetroot Latte and stop by the café to see what’s brewing this season!


Isabella’s Chocolate Café – Oshawa

Overhead shot of a table with coffees and sandwiches at Isabella's Chocolate Cafe.
Isabella’s Chocolate Café, Oshawa

Stop by Isabelle’a Chocolate Café in downtown Oshawa for coffees, sweets, lunch and of course, chocolate.


Sift Bake Shop – Newcastle

Close up of a latte with red sprinkles at Sift Bake Shop.
Latte | Sift Bake Shop, Newcastle

Looking to indulge your sweet tooth? A visit to Sift Bake Shop in downtown Newcastle is a must. Pair your freshly baked cupcake or giant cookie with a latte. Bonus: they make their own syrups in house.


Roam Coffee – Bowmanville

Close up of a latte with a design on top at Roam Coffee.
Latte | Roam Coffee, Bowmanville

With a variety of specialty teas and coffees to choose from, as well as yummy baked treats, Roam Coffee is a great place to meet up with a friend and find a quiet moment. Located inside Markets Ontario, you can pair your beverage with some shopping.


Upshot Coffee Company – Brooklin

Close up of a Latte with cinnamon sprinkled on top in a mug at Upshot Coffee.
Latte with Caramel Shot | Upshot Coffee Company, Brooklin

Meet a friend for lunch or a coffee at Upshot Coffee Company in Brooklin. With delicious sandwiches, baked goods and sweet treats, this café is a great place to relax and unwind.


Open Studio Art Café – Pickering Nautical Village

Beautiful exterior and patio with a white picket fence at the Open Art Studio and Cafe.
Photo provided by: Open Studio Art Café, Pickering

Open Studio Art Café in Pickering Nautical Village features homemade sandwiches, baked goods and delicious drinks. Stop by to enjoy one of their live music or art nights, or meet a friend for lunch.