Rise and shine with Durham Region’s delicious breakfast spots

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Whether you’re looking for a new brunch spot, a reliable local diner, a quaint country café or breakfast for dinner, there are so many places to choose from in the downtowns of Durham Region.

There’s something comforting about meeting friends for “the most important meal of the day.” From the squeak of the vinyl booth as you slide over to score a corner seat, to the reassuring weight of a coffee mug nestled in your hands, going out for breakfast has been ritual in Durham Region for a century.

Downtown Oshawa’s Rainbow Family Restaurant, one of Canada’s oldest family owned establishments, has been serving up breakfast deliciousness since 1958. And Olympia Restaurant has been serving up early morning eats in Bowmanville for more than100 years.

Whether you’re looking for a new brunch spot, a reliable local diner, a quaint country café or breakfast for dinner, there are so many places to choose from in the downtowns of Durham Region.

Overhead shot of a patio table with two plates of eggs benedict and tater tots.
Brunch & Co., Whitby
Source: @letseat_durham

Downtown Whitby

Brunch & Co.
163 Brock Street North, Whitby

Is there anything better than brunch with friends? When choosing a destination Brunch & Co. in downtown Whitby is a must. From Lemon Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes to Pecan Butter Tart French Toast and, of course, a millennial favourite, Avocado Toast, there are lots of delicious options to sink your teeth into.

Downtown Orono

Orono Country Café
5348 Main Street, Orono

For a delightful breakfast in quaint downtown Orono, visit the Orono Country Café. This cute breakfast spot isn’t a local secret—the café was voted the 2021 Diamond Award winner for Best Breakfast Restaurant in the Clarington This Week Awards.

Downtown Ajax

Michael’s Eatery
44 Commercial Avenue, Ajax

For all-day breakfast spots, Michael’s Eatery in downtown Ajax is a real gem. Everything is made from scratch at the restaurant—even the salad dressings! They’re serving up classic breakfast offerings like pancakes and omelettes, but they’re also famous for their Greek food.

Exterior photo of Rainbow Family Restaurant, downtown Oshawa
Rainbow Restaurant, Oshawa
Source: Durham Tourism

Downtown Oshawa

Rainbow Family Restaurant
82 Simcoe Street North, Oshawa

We couldn’t talk about breakfast in Durham Region without mentioning the Rainbow Family Restaurant. A landmark in downtown Oshawa since 1958, they’re famous for their all-day breakfast specials with heaps of peameal bacon, but they’re also kind of Hollywood famous too! Check out their feature in Durham’s perfect selfie spots for film and TV lovers.

Downtown Newcastle

Newcastle Griddle
106 King Avenue East, Newcastle

The Newcastle Griddle is a great stop for all-day breakfast and lunch. With early bird specials, gluten-free waffles, crepes and internationally inspired omelette flavours—like butter chicken—you may have difficulty choosing what to eat.

Downtown Beaverton

Barney’s Restaurant
24 Arbour Park Crescent, Beaverton

For breakfast and brunch in Beaverton, look no further than Barney’s Restaurant. Featuring farm fresh local eggs, freshly grated hash browns and a patio on the water, Barney’s Restaurant is a great stop to make before or after fishing, or when exploring one of Beaverton’s home decor shops featured in our list of 47 downtown home decor shops in Durham Region.

Eggs benedict and home fries on a plate.
Michael Kelly’s, Brooklin
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Downtown Brooklin

Michael Kelly’s
93 Winchester Road East, Brooklin

Michael Kelly’s in downtown Brooklin is a family owned and operated restaurant with a long history of making great food. With everything made fresh on-site, they offer breakfast staples from eggs and home fries to french toast, pancakes and even a Keto breakfast option.

Pickering Village

Sauter’s Inn
109 Old Kingston Road, unit 19, Pickering Village

Sauter’s Inn in the picturesque Pickering Nautical Village is a well-known stop for German-Hungarian lunch and dinner, but did you know they serve breakfast on the weekends? Enjoy traditional breakfast offerings like eggs or try something new like German Fine Meat loaf or a seafood omelette with scallops, shrimp and sole.

Downtown Sunderland

Roadside Country Diner
85 River Street, Sunderland

The Roadside Country Diner in Sunderland offers all your regular breakfast favourites like omelettes, pancakes and bacon, but everything is served with a side of small-town charm. And while in Sunderland, get your iced coffee fix at the River Street Café, as featured in 12 quaint places to quench your thirst in Durham’s Downtowns.

Plate with a huge blueberry pancake and a side of scrambled eggs.
Pantry Shelf, Port Perry
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Downtown Port Perry

The Pantry Shelf
172 Water Street, Port Perry

Serving up breakfast until 11:30 a.m., The Pantry Shelf has a great variety of freshly made breakfast options in downtown Port Perry. Try out their housemade scones or muffins to go along with your eggs or opt for their low carb breakfast options.

Downtown Uxbridge

B&L Country Kitchen
1 Douglas Road, Uxbridge

Need an excuse to have ice cream for breakfast? Head to B&L Country Kitchen in Uxbridge. With all the classic breakfast staples, they also feature freshly made Belgian waffles and their Waffle Delight, which comes complete with a cool scoop.

Downtown Bowmanville

Olympia Restaurant
12 King Street East, Bowmanville

Famous for their great prices and huge portions, Olympia Restaurant in downtown Bowmanville has been serving up delicious food for more than 100 years. From classics like their eggs benedict to kid-pleasers like M&M’s pancakes, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.