12 Places to Grab Delicious Ice Cream in Durham’s Downtowns

Simple icon of two tall buildings. Downtowns of Durham

Whether you’re a parent or an educator, a business owner or a hockey fan, or maybe all of the above, there is something we all have in common. But not to fear, summer is here! And, what better way to celebrate the official start of summer than with some rocky road ice cream? Like…a lot of ice cream. We know this may not be the cup you were dreaming of—(too soon?)—but at least it’s something you can get your hands on at one of Durham Region’s beautiful little ice cream spots!

We’ve curated this tasty to-do list just for you, and indicated which shops have dairy free or vegan options, so everyone can enjoy some deliciousness this season. Whether you want to spread it out over the whole summer, or you’re going to power through our list in one week: you do you. We’re not judging.

For this list, we’ve focused on shops in our downtowns where you can stroll, snack and shop the day away. But, there are so many amazing shops across Durham Region to visit! Explore the whole region in our Tourism directory.


1. Downtown Ajax: Ice Cream Squad

29 Station Street, Ajax

From classics like vanilla, to new favourites like salty caramel truffle, Ice Cream Squad serves up scoops of delicious fresh made ice cream. 

Close up of two huge ice cream cones.

Source: Durham Tourism


2. Downtown Beaverton: Cool Cow

367 Simcoe Street, Beaverton

Cool Cow is a youth-run, adult-guided ice cream social enterprise that provides youth employment and community enjoyment. With more than 20 flavours, including some dairy free options, you can’t go wrong! Oh, and you’ll want to try their Cow Patties. Trust us.

Source: Cool Cow


3. Downtown Bowmanville: Enniskillen General Store

46 King Street West, Bowmanville

The Enniskillen General Store in downtown Bowmanville is a one-stop shop for freshly scooped hard ice cream in many many flavours. So many flavours, you may have issues choosing. Why not have the best of both worlds and try their Enniskillen Avalanche, a slushie and ice cream in one cup. Delicious!

Close up of someone's hand holding two cups of ice cream with spoons sticking out in front of Enniskillen General Store in downtown Bowmanville.

Source: @HistoricDowntownBowmanville


4. Downtown Brooklin: Tip-Top Creamery

2 Roebuck StreetBrooklin

Tip-Top Creamery in Brooklin features more than 40 flavours of delicious Kawartha Dairy ice cream at its pictureperfect pink shop. Grab a cone or cup in either regular or lactose free options, and then take a stroll through the nearby Grass Park.  

Source: @choichowdown


5. Downtown Newcastle: Newcastle Dairy

119 King Avenue West, Newcastle

Newcastle Dairy carries locally sourced and very delicious Central Smith Creamery Ice Cream! Central Smith is a dairy manufactured in Peterborough with a fine selection of ice cream products using 100% Ontario milk. They also carry one dairyfree sorbet flavour. 

Source: The Old Newcastle House Taps and Grill


6. Downtown Orono: Orono General Store

5331 Main Street, Orono

You can’t pass up a visit to small-town general store. Stop in for some ice cream and you will most likely leave with some donuts too. And yes, they have vegan/dairy free options. Bliss! 

Source: Orono Weekly Times


7. Downtown Oshawa: Gabe + Pancha’s

70 King Street East, Oshawa

Looking for some delicious, hand-crafted ice cream in unique flavours? Look no further than Gabe + Pancha’s located at the Market at 70 King. With flavours like Dark Cherry Chocolate, and Espresso Biscotti, these handcrafted and oh so creamy desserts pair perfectly with their delicious cookies. The Market at 70 King is expected to open this summer so get ready to plan a night of delicious eats downtown Oshawa.

Close up of blue "cookie monster" ice cream in a cup with chunks of cookies on top.

Source: Gabe and Pancha’s


8. Pickering Nautical Village: GrandDad’s Ice Cream Parlour

579 Liverpool RoadPickering

GrandDad’s is a familyowned and operated ice cream and candy shop in the quaint Pickering Nautical Village. They have both dairy free and nut free options. This is a picture-perfect place for a scoop and a stroll along the Pickering waterfront.

Source: GrandDad’s Ice Cream Parlour


9. Pickering Village: Pickering Village Ice Cream Shoppe

109 Old Kingston Road Unit 17, Pickering Village

Scooping more than 60 flavours, including a few that are dairy-free, the Pickering Village Ice Cream Shoppe is located in the gorgeous and historic Pickering Village. Enjoy your ice cream on the beautiful courtyard patio.

Source: @itschewsday


10. Downtown Port Perry: The Nutty Chocolatier

182 Queen Street, Port Perry

Stop by the Nutty Chocolatier in Port Perry and enjoy a waffle cone, made freshly in-store daily. With many dairy-free options to choose from, you can follow-up your cone with a walk by the water or shop in some of the stores that line this gorgeous waterfront downtown.

Close up of two chocolate ice cream cones inside the Nutty Chocolatier in Port Perry..

Source: Durham Tourism


11. Downtown Uxbridge: Kawartha Dairy

304 Toronto Street South, Uxbridge

Summer isn’t summer if you haven’t had a Kawartha Dairy ice cream. That’s a fact. Okay, maybe not really a fact, but it’s not a bad motto either. Stop by Kawartha Dairy in Uxbridge to kick off your summer. With three dairy-free options, there is something for everyone.

Source: @bonbondafoodie


12. Downtown Whitby: Tuscan Wolfe Pizzeria

110 Dundas Street West, Whitby

Why not try some gelato imported from Italy at the Tuscan Wolfe Pizzeria? With options like vegan lemon sorbet, to pistachio, you can even enjoy the best of both worlds with their affogato al caffe, a scoop of Italian vanilla gelato with a shot of espresso on top.

Lemon gelato with slices of strawberries.

Source: Tuscan Wolfe Pizzeria

Bonus: Stop 4 Variety in Downtown Sunderland

111 River Street, Sunderland
For some freshly scooped ice cream, stop by Stop 4 Variety general store in downtown Sunderland. With around 13 flavours to choose from, there is something for everyone.